Vocational School of the Alentejo Region

Featured products: Mac Mini Security Mount| Industry: Education| Client: Escola Profissional da Região Alentejo

The Customer

The Alentejo Foundation is a non-profit Public Utility Entity, headquartered in Évora, geared towards increasing the educational and professional qualification of young people.
Their objective is an educational success, the promotion of qualified employment and the development and technological and organizational innovation of companies and institutions in the Alentejo region.
EPRAL has been recognized as an “Exemplary Teaching Establishment” by the OECD.

The Challenge 

As an educational establishment with several areas of training, EPRAL faces the daily challenge of keeping all our products 100% secure.
They looked for practical, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use security solutions.

The Solution

The Mac Mini Security Mount turned out to be the ideal solution for EPRAL’s needs, with the option to be applied to multiple surfaces, and a lightweight, low-profile Aluminum construction.
The entire structure is designed to securely hold the Mac Mini M1's with a tamper-resistant padlock and still maintain an aesthetic that allows for no overheating of the unit.

Customer Feedback

“In an increasingly digitally technological era, Maclocks has shown itself to be up to the
challenges and needs of today. Thus, we maintain total confidence in their products,
guaranteeing total safety for our Students and Trainers”.