The widest range of innovative MacBooks, iPads, Samsung Tab and Surface security solutions.   

IT hardware security solutions for education


Empower your students by giving them an advanced and accessible learning environment, protecting and securing electronic devices with Compulocks range of display and security solutions for any brand and size of laptop, tablet, and other electronic educational tools.

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IT hardware security solutions for healthcare


IT hardware security solutions for the uncompromising and demanding medical environment. Enhance staff safety with smart solutions for patient interaction, and optimize patient care efficiency. Improve patient experience by providing a comfortable setup for electronic device use.

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IT hardware security solutions for retail


Enhance your customer’s experiences, strengthen your brand and reduce waiting times by implementing smart retail solutions. Compulocks provides elegant and secured tablet display stands for the retail industry: self-checkout kiosks, informational stands, display screens, and customized solutions.

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IT hardware security solutions for hospitality


With Compulocks’ range of IT hardware display solutions, hospitality-based businesses can provide their guests with an unforgettable experience that starts from the minute they enter, through their stay and up to departure,. all without compromising on high esthetics standards, top quality design and security.

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IT hardware security solutions for government


When working in the public sector, theft of devices can cause great damage. Make sure your employees’ assets are secured, wherever they work from - in the office, on the train, or at home. Compulocks’ laptop and tablet security and display solutions are easy to carry and provide much-needed protection.

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IT hardware security solutions for enterprise


Businesses large and small are challenging to operate, without having to worry about securing IT assets. With Compulocks’ hardware security solutions for laptops and tablets, you have one less thing to worry about. Providing businesses with solutions for protected and productive working environments.

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