Sit-Stand Ergonomic Adjustable WorkStation

The Sit-Stand Ergonomic Adjustable WorkStation is a great solution for providing a variable height desk and workstation to facilitate standing breaks while continuing to be productive at work.

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Sit Stand Ergonomic Workstation - Black

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Sit-Stand Ergonomic Adjustable WorkStation
Sit-Stand Ergonomic Adjustable WorkStation

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Sit-Stand Ergonomic Adjustable WorkStation
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Sitting for long hours during the workday has been found to be the single greatest contributor to health problems and a lower lifespan in the modern western world. You can reduce the damage of prolonged sitting by standing for 5 to 10 minutes for every 30-40 minutes of sitting. This adjustable workstation helps create a work environment designed to maximize health and productivity.

Customizable Positioning
Maximum ergonomic comfort and convenience to avoid eye, neck and back strain.

Enhanced Productivity
Effortlessly raise the display with enhanced lift for motion and flexibility for higher productivity.

Space Saver
Raised design frees up work surface; perfect for smaller desks.

Quick Installation
Simple base and device setup with only a few screws.

MDF wood and heavy-duty metal.

Desktop size: 25x18 inches (640x440 mm)
Height range: 5-16 inches (118-400 mm)

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