POS Stand | Tablet Point of Sale with EMV

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- Tamper-proof Enclosure
- Front and rear camera openings
- Stand Available in a Variety of Heights
- Continuous Charging While Mounted
- Through Arm Cable Management
- Compatible with our Security Cable Lock


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Rise Rokku Tablet POS Stand Bundle
POS Stand | Tablet Point of Sale with EMV [Rokku Series]

Availability: In stock

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Free U.S. Shipping Over $99
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    This bundle gives you all the benefits in one solution - secure display with tilt, swivel, cable management, rotation, different high options, and a secure EMV.
    Our Rise Tablet POS Stand Kiosk is a premium pole secure display with adjustable screen angles and full cable management. Ideal for use as a retail display kiosk or information stands specifically in high volume areas.
    Rise Pole stand allows you to tilt and flip the screen over and swivel the pole to rotate the entire unit. 

    Paired with our SlideDock Secure EMV Dock this POS bundle offers full security for all the devices you count on to run your business. 
    The Rise Stand comes in four different lengths:
    4 in. / 10 cm
    7.87 in / 20 cm
    15.75 in / 40 cm
    23.62 in / 60 cm

    Base Dimensions:
    Diameter: 3.43 in / 87.1 mm